Joustra Diaclone BRIZZI interview french


1973  - Realization of their first short film "ONE". They win the prize of the quality.

1976  - Winners in the annual Grand Prize of Rome of the Ministry of Culture. The prize grants them a stay of two years to the "Académie française Villa             Medicis" in Rome. They work on it on their second short film "FRACTURE", which will receive the Grand Prize of the short film of the festival of             Alexandria, and will be named for the "Césars" of the French cinema.

1978  - They create their own advertising production company.

1982  - They produce their third short film "CHRONIQUE 1909" . They receive the prize to the festival of Annecy.

            Also nominated for an award of the Académie française.

1983  - They are contacted by Roman POLANSKI, and realize the story-board of its movie "PIRATED".

            They realize the mini-comic "Duel sur Diaclona-City" for the DIACLONE toy line which will illustrate the boxes of toys of the same name,             at the request of the manufacturer of French toys CEJI JOUSTRA.

1984  - They manage their first cartoon movie "ASTÉRIX ET LA SURPRISE DE CÉSAR" for Gaumont.

            The same year, they are part of the team which realizes the drawings of the livened up series "LES MONDES ENGLOUTIS".

1986  - Creation of "BRIZZI MOVIES"

            They produce then many broadcast programs, as for example "BABAR".

1989  - They sell "BRIZZI MOVIES" to Walt Disney Télévison and are named creative Managers of the new studios Disney of Montreuil  "WALTDISNEY             FEATURE ANIMATION FRANCE S.A"

1990  - They receive prestigious decoration of Knights of the order of the Arts and Letters (Chevaliers de l'ordre des arts et des lettres), awarded by the French             Ministry of Culture.

            They continue to produce several cartoons and series for Walt Disney Télévision.

1994  - They leave for Los Angeles to join studios Walt Disney. Shall work on for example "THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME" and "TARZAN".

1996  - They manage the sequence "FIRE BIRD" of the movie "FANTASIA 2000".

1998  - Development and adaptation of "DON QUICHOTE"

2001  - They leave Disney for DreamWorks S.K.G (Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen, the founders). They will be managers there.

            The studio Disney of Montreuil will be closed in 2003. They shall work then among others on the cartoon movie " RAGED HUGE BALLS " for Sony             Pictures Animation, or "numero 9" of Tim BURTON.

2006  - We note their collaboration with Mick JAGGER for the "rock opéra" "RUBY TUESDAY".

            It tells the story of a New York young woman in search of the happiness. It becomes famous musically of 12 songs of Rolling Stones.

2011  - Both brothers work on the realization of a cartoon movie in Israel.

Whatever they undertook or get ready to undertake, Paul and Gaëtan BRIZZI always favor the originality and the passion to the efficiency and to the standard.. They are authentics artists, that do not hesitate to question their own profession when they consider that she is not directed to the only purpose which they look for: transport the spectator in another universe which looks real. And for that the technique does not makes everything. First it requires a good story and a well written scenario...



Paul and Gaëtan BRIZZI

Creators of the Mini-comic "Duel sur Diaclona-City", Paul and Gaëtan BRIZZI were born on December 24th, 1951 in Paris.

They were formed to the "Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratif de Paris".